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Why Choose VIP?

VIP offers volunteer opportunities for individuals or groups to do international community service in health, social services, environment and education. Work with a rural development project, volunteer in a health clinic, work with children, teach English – the volunteer opportunities are endless!

The mix of language immersion, homestays, and host project placements with local co-workers and international volunteers, makes VIP distinct among international service programs.

WYSETC logoEXPERIENCE - VIP partner organizations represent decades of national and international leadership in cultural exchange. VIP is offered by the participating members of Federation EIL, the worldwide network of The Experiment in International Living. Federation EIL is a member of WYSETC, The World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation.

The German UNESCO commission recently recognized Volunteers for International Partnership as an official contributor to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals and the fostering of education for sustainable development.

LOCAL CONTROL - VIP National Directors work with community organizations, in-country agencies, local officials and host families to select volunteer placement opportunities. They know which projects will have maximum positive impact, respecting the dignity and long-term needs of everyone involved.

SHARED BENEFITS - Each international volunteer has the opportunity to learn a culture from the inside while doing valuable community service in a stimulating new environment. Equally important are the benefits the host community derives from welcoming a Partnership Volunteer and from the skills and experiences brought by the international volunteer.

HOST FAMILIES VIP international service programs usually include a homestay with a local family as well as cultural orientation to prepare you for your stay. During your stay the language, customs, food and social life of your host family will be part of your daily life. This rich and rewarding part of the international service experience leads to lasting friendships and deep appreciation for the people and culture of your host country.

HOST PROJECTS As a Partnership Volunteer you become part of a host organization project team. Many of your work partners will be local people. Because VIP draws its international volunteers from many countries, there may also be others, like yourself, who join the same project and bring their own unique cultural perspective.


Careful selection and preparation of the volunteer, homestay family and host organization.

Emphasis on the education and awareness gained through international service and volunteering.

Planning the intercultural experience to highlight enrichment from cultural differences.

Full immersion in the host culture through orientation, language training, worksite and housing selection.

Individualized placements that take advantage of differences in skills, age, experience and diversity.

Choosing service projects that are worthwhile, safe, meet the needs of the local community and are conducted responsibly with regard to environmental, social and local issues.

Effective evaluation of the experience.

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