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International Volunteer Program in South Africa - project photo

Volunteer Program Office — South Africa

South African Students' Travel Services (SASTS)

PO Box 1381 Cape Town, 8000 South Africa
Phone:  27  21  424 3866 
Fax: 27  21  424 2680
Email:  narieman@sasts.org.za
Contact:  Narieman Bohardien, Programme Manager
Web site: : http://www.sasts.org.za


South African Students' Travel Services (SASTS) is a not for profit organization dedicated to providing high quality, affordable international educational and work exchange programmes to students and young people in Southern Africa. SASTS is a full member of Federation EIL, the Worldwide Network of the Experiment in International Living.


SASTS was set up in 1972 to provide affordable travel opportunities for South African students. It was the travel division of NUSAS, the National Union of South African Students, whose activities took root in the days of apartheid. Today, SASTS Working Adventures is still able to fulfill its commitment to all South African students and young people, and is dedicated to try to assist those for whom travel abroad has up to now been a financially impossible dream. A Working Adventure is one way of achieving this dream, by giving you the opportunity to live, work and travel abroad.

SASTS Office

SASTS Working Adventures is a member of the International Association for Educational and Work Exchange Programmes (IAEWEP) and all our programmes are run in accordance with guidelines laid down by IAEWEP. SASTS Working Adventures is also a member of FIYTO (Federation for International Youth Travel Organizations) and the ISTC (International Student Travel Confederation) the world authority responsible for the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), for which SASTS is the designated Licensed Authority in South Africa.

Normally, foreign governments do not allow students to come and work in their countries. Most countries are restrictive on foreign workers at all levels. However, many countries now recognize the very real educational value of work exchange programmes and support the genuine benefit to international understanding that they offer. They put this support into practice by designating a reputable organization in their country to operate these programmes with special work authorization facilities.

SASTS Working Adventures works only with fellow IAEWEP members, and other reputable and internationally recognized partner organizations, to administer exchange programmes in a proper and responsible way.

Fraud Alert
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This is not a legitimate offer and this person is not in any way associated with VIP.

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