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Volunteer Opportunities in Singapore

Singapore has become one of the world's most prosperous countries with strong international trading links. This makes Singapore a vibrant and interesting place to live and volunteer or work.

Singapore has an estimated population of 4,657,542 of which most are Chinese, Malay, or Indian. There are two distinct monsoon seasons, one ranging from June to September, and the other from December to March.

Singapore has many different environmental issues, most of which stem from a lack of natural water resources, and extensive pollution, and Xu Bo is always looking for opportunities for Volunteers to make contributions to address these problems.

Volunteers that travel to Singapore will have a chance to learn more about:

Volunteer Abroad Program Overview — Singapore

The average temperature in Singapore is 33 degrees Celsius. The summer is from April until July when the temperature can be from 35-37 degrees celsius. In Singapore the winter is from November to March and from 29-32 degrees. Singapore usually experiences a rainy season from November to December

In Singapore- the water is clean and safe to drink from the tap. Smoking is banned almost everyehwere.



Volunteers should arrive in Singapore on Sunday morning. They will then be picked up from Changi international airport in Singapore by a contracted driver. The driver will then bring you to your accomodations.

Where you'll be staying

Volunteers will arrive in Singapore and live in a youth hostel. You may also coordinate your own accomodation in Singapore.


After you've reached your accomidations an introductory course will be held in the afternoon that same day. This course will include: General information about Singapore, The placement in Singapore, Safety issues, Cultural difference, Placement rules, and other useful information about Singapore.

2016 Program Fees*

Length of Stay Cost
4 weeks US$ 1,875
8 weeks US$ 2,123
12 weeks US$ 2,483

Programs of any length between 3 weeks and 24 weeks are available.  Consult your sending office for cost details.

*Note: Published prices remain subject to change in case of major currency fluctuations. Contact your sending office for details.

What the program includes:

Extras (at additional cost):

What the program doesn't include:

Payment Schedule

A deposit of 20% of the total program fee is required with your application. It is non-refundable upon notification of acceptance and is applied to the total program fee. The balance of the program fee is required 30 days prior to departure.

Cancellation Policy

Other Volunteer Abroad Programs:

Fraud Alert
Be advised that there is an individual misrepresenting himself as a participant in a VIP program who is trying to sell/rent property to unsuspecting individuals.

This is not a legitimate offer and this person is not in any way associated with VIP.

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