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Volunteer opportunities in Peru


Located at the Tropic of Capricorn, Peru is one of the places on the planet with the greatest natural diversity: its varied ecological zones boast thousands of species of plants and animals.  Experiment Peru is located in the heart of the Andes, at 3,450 m (11,300 ft) above sea level, in the city of Cusco.  This ancient capital of the Incas, later became part of the Spanish American empire for 3 centuries.  Now its streets and traditional buildings reflect this dual heritage.

From this highland location, one can easily -- in less than one day -- travel by road to the Amazonian Rainforest, to the Lake Titicaca or to the Collca Cañon.

Experiment Peru offers volunteer programs in different sectors, depending on the interests, abilities and objectives of each of our participants.  All of Experiment Peru's projects provide volunteers with the opportunity to be their very best.  But also, by the fact of being subjected to a wholly distinct reality, our volunteers are given the chance to learn firsthand about this amazing country and experience the many facets of its culture.

Our projects are located within the city of Cusco, and also in the Amazonian Rainforest.  Volunteers will be placed according to their preferences, talents, and abilities, and will be given the opportunity to exercise their skills and apply themselves completely in a specific context. 

Depending on the placement, volunteers will be expected to perform the following:


Note:  The volunteer should not expect to directly treat patients.

Regular or Special Education

Ecological Reserve

Disadvantaged Children

Indigenous Partnerships

These programs are offered all year round, except for educational programs which may not be available from January to March (Peruvian long vacations).  Please also note that volunteering sites in the Amazonian rainforest (ecological programs) might be less accessible in the height of the rainy season (also January to March).

Work schedules will vary from project to project.  The volunteer is expected to conform to the schedule of each individual project.



A member of our staff will be expecting you at the airport in Cusco (do not forget to give us your flight information!). 

Where you'll be staying

You will be taken to the home where you will live until the end of your program.Your host family will help you settle in. Experiment Peru offers the opportunity of a full intercultural experience through living with a host family.  This coexistence offers exchange in communication, food, customs and mutual respect.

If you want to practice and improve your language skills, the language immersion with a local family is your best option.  Our families are located in urban areas, allowing the participant to have access to some limited comfort and a private room.

We also offer the experience of living with a family in a rural area, which allows you to share a more basic life style and more traditional set of customs, as well as the opportunity to discover the Andean countryside and experience a unique closeness with South America's most majestic mountain environment.

Our homestay families may not offer the same amount of comfort that you are used to in your own home.  It is an important part of your volunteering that you should be prepared to adapt to these new living conditions.

It is possible that your Cusco family will not have the Internet. The offices of Experiment Peru are totally WiFi equipped and there will also be a few computers at your disposal whenever you need.  In addition, like much of South America, Cusco is full of cheap Internet cabins that you can use for work and for chat.  Outside of the city, in some rural areas, access is more difficult but not impossible.

Likewise, our homestay families will not provide laundry facilities, but there will be good quality and inexpensive laundries in the neighborhood where you will live, and also near the offices of Experiment Peru.


  The following day after you arrive, your family will take you to our office where you will be given your formal orientation, and taken around to meet everyone who works with us at Experiment Peru.  You will find our staff friendly and eager to help 24/7.  Do not hesitate to ask us anything you may need or any question you may have about Peru, about Cusco or about your Volunteering Program.

Programs start at any time throughout the year. (see exceptions in our section titled Project Overview) We recommend that you try to book your travel to arrive on a weekend in Cusco, so you can rest and acclimate to the high altitude.

Program Fees 2015*

4 weeks US$ 1760
6 weeks US$ 2125
8 weeks US$ 2485
10 weeks US$ 2845
12 weeks US$ 3205
16 weeks US$ 3925
20 weeks US$ 4650
24 weeks US$ 5370

*Published prices remain subject to change in case of major currency fluctuations. Contact your sending office.

What the program includes:

Extras (at additional cost):

What is not included in the program:

Payment schedule

A deposit of 20% of the total program fee is required with your application. It is non-refundable upon notification of acceptance and is applied to the total program fee. The balance of the program fee is required 30 days prior to departure.

Cancellation policy

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