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Sample Volunteer Abroad Projects — Morocco

There are a number of NGOs open to receiving volunteers in Morocco. Volunteer placements are made in collaboration with local partners, and we have selected some of the most active and trusted ones. Because host projects change frequently as needs and priorities are identified, your host project may differ from the examples described here. After you apply, we work closely with your Sending Country and our Host Project organizations to find an appropriate placement that best matches your skills, preferences and capabilities. Your project, responsibilities and host family placement will be confirmed before your departure. Volunteer projects are available in such areas as:


While public schools in Morocco are free of charge and mandatory (but not enforced), it is still the case that many children do not receive an education. Volunteers are required to help with their informal education. You can assist in organizing language training sessions for instructors, teaching English or French, or teaching computer skills.

Sample Project

Placements are available in non-governmental organisations in urban areas as well as in the countryside. Volunteers with some language teaching skills are needed to assist children, disabled people and women - the ones who suffer the most from illiteracy. Volunteers can also organize informal English/French classes in local villages.

"The best aspect was that I learnt how to handle children and people in general. By that I learned a lot about myself as well. "  Elisa Sophia Noble- Germany.

Social Welfare

You are needed in a wide range of very worthwhile projects, including caring for disabled and homeless people, orphans, abused women and street children. When you volunteer in Morocco, your skills will be needed in various aspects ranging from working in the field to administration.

Sample Project

You will be required to help women and children, victims of violence, poverty, and abuse who need social reintegration, formal and informal education as well as professional training. You will also be needed to help develop social awareness among women in the countryside, to include basic health-care, family planning and raising children.

Tree Planting and Environmental Education

Land conservation and environmental education are becoming increasingly important in the rural areas of Morocco. The increase in population and the modernization of villages have created a lifestyle that is not compatible with the environment. The climate is arid and the topsoil is fragile. Rain and wind are capable of washing the topsoil away presenting the threat of floods, landslides and rendering the land uncultivable. For a society that is dependent on subsistence agriculture, such a prospect can be devastating.

The region of El Mers has been suffering from desertification for quite some time. Witness accounts tell of the stark difference between the amount of trees that exist now as opposed to 1 and 2 generations ago. The water levels have alsoTree Planting Project significantly decreased and the temperature, having once been characterized by mild winters and summers is progressing towards extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters.

Sample Project - Tree planting in El Mers

The tree planting project would engage VIP volunteers and Moroccan villagers to work together to fight desertification and land degradation and to protect the region from future flooding by stabilizing the ground and providing methods of water absorption. The presence of the volunteers would be an inspiration to villagers to be more proactive in protecting their environment. Volunteers will gain a better understanding of the lifestyle, culture and everyday issues facing rural inhabitants.


Due to the importance of the tourism industry, many organisations work to develop cultural tourism based on understanding cultural, historical, religious and ethnic differences.

Sample Project

Non-profit organisations such as “Thaqafat” and “Tetuan Asmir” and others give opportunities to people to learn from the rich cultural and historical diversity of Moroccan regions and to develop approaches to the understanding and the appreciation of tourism within a cultrural framework.

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