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Volunteer in Mexico

Mexico is a land of contrasts. 50% of the population lives barely above the poverty line, and 28% of the population in rural areas live in conditions of extreme poverty. Yet, Mexico is a country rich in natural resources and is the tenth largest economy in the world.

Volunteering in Mexico focuses on those living in poverty. Volunteers can make a valuable contribution in communities that are in danger of being left behind as a result of poverty, abuse of the environment and the lack of economic opportunities.

Participants will begin their program in Mexico City with a welcome orientation. Mexico is the second largest city in the world and is full of contrasts from modern avenues with fancy high-rise buildings to historical areas, middle class neighborhoods and poor suburbs. Everywhere in Mexico workers, professionals and the illiterate all struggle to look for better opportunities in life.


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Participants will begin their program in Mexico City with a welcome orientation. Mexico is the second largest city in the world and is full of contrasts from modern Avenues with fancy high buildings to historical areas, middle class neighborhoods and poor suburbs. On the street workers, professionals and the illiterate struggle to look for better opportunities in life.

Volunteers should arrive to Mexico City where they will be met at the airport by one of our staff members and transferred to a hostel for a welcome orientation and overnight stay. The following morning our Program Co-ordinator will introduce the volunteer to the life in Mexico, to the goals of the program and the characteristics of the area where the project takes place. Orientation will continue after lunch as part of a mini tour of the City. A bus transfer will be arranged to the project location the following evening.


You will spend the first nights in a hostel in Mexico City. During the project your accommodation will be with a local Mexican host family, or in community residential facilities. Living with a local family gives you the opportunity to get to know more about Mexican culture and to improve your language skills.

This is the story of Louisa Nelle, a recent Swiss volunteer:

"I arrived to Switzerland a week ago. Still now, sometimes I feel as my soul is still on the road, I need time to get used to my life here. Ventanilla was such a wonderful and intense experience!

Living with a host family, sharing their cooking,worries and happy times made me feel as part of them so quickly! I saw turtles laying their eggs in the beach, I fed animals in the island, I learned how to make tortillas and ride horses...

It is hard to decide what I like most, but definitely fell in love with Mexico!"


Optional Spanish Courses are available for participants taking part in our Volunteer Programs for an additional fee. Attend a total immersion program in Oaxaca City or Mexico City in a warm and friendly atmosphere. You will be placed with a Mexican host family for Spanish Language Classthe duration of your classes which can be from 1 to 6 weeks long. The courses include Spanish language classes, cultural workshops, and one on one conversation sessions with a Mexican student. This opportunity will enrich you knowledge of Spanish and of Mexican culture and daily life. Ask your local VIP representative for more information.


Workplace conditions vary depending on the project. Volunteers work 35 – 40 hours per week, with 2 days off. Depending on the project there may be other international volunteers as well as local people working with you.

You will get the assistance of a local representative during your stay in Mexico City and during your time with the volunteer project. They will help you to get familiar with bus transportation, local facilities and sites of interest around the area (eg. the archaeological monuments and other places of interest).


Length of Stay Cost
4 weeks US$ 1,725
6 weeks US$ 1,921
8 weeks US$ 2,184
10 weeks US$ 2,338
12 weeks US$ 2,601
16 weeks US$ 3,023
20 weeks US$ 3,260
24 weeks US$ 3,605

Please note:
Projects in Yucatan and Chiapas have an extra charge of 100US$ due to the need of an airplane transfer.




Participants must be minimum 18 years old (19 if a US citizen), have a commitment to voluntary work, be flexible, be able to work as part of a team and be willing to learn about and adapt to a new culture. Good Spanish skills are a plus but participants can always apply for an intensive course of Spanish before the program starts at extra cost.


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