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Volunteer in Ireland

The popular image of Ireland until recently was of a rural country with close knit communities and a slow pace of life. In the 1990’s an economic boom transformed Ireland, modernizing the country and attitudes with it. While the standard of living has risen considerably, many challenges have been created in its wake.

Wealth in Ireland is very unevenly divided, and many marginalized groups are as needy as ever. Those with special needs, young people at risk, and older people in Ireland are finding difficulty meeting their needs in the Ireland of today. Our environment is under threat from over development, and there is rising conflict between those wishing to progress the economic boom and infrastructure and those wishing to preserve Ireland ’s unique natural and cultural heritage.

By choosing to volunteer in Ireland with VIP you will make an immeasurable contribution to the efforts of projects aiming to tackle some of the most critical issues facing Ireland at this time.

Volunteer Abroad Program Overview — Ireland

Cliffs of Ireland

VIP in Ireland works mainly with organisations in the following areas:

Key Points

Arrival and Orientation

Orientation will take place upon arrival in Cork. Orientation will take place at the VIP office, covering issues such as health and safety, Irish culture and society, and voluntary work. Overnight accommodation will be provided in Cork, and the following day you will travel to your host community to begin your voluntary work placement.

"EIL was very organized and helpful and as a result, I thoroughly enjoyed my volunteering experience abroad." Louise, volunteered in Vietnam

Workplace Conditions

Workplace conditions vary depending on the project. Volunteers work a maximum of 40 hours per week, with 2 days off. Generally there will be other volunteers and staff working with you, and there will be a designated mentor at the project.

What is Included

What is Not Included


Please contact the nearest Embassy of Ireland with regard to visa requirements for your country.

2014 Program Fees*

Length of Stay Cost
4 weeks US$ 2075
8 weeks US$ 2435
12 weeks US$ 2820
24 weeks US$ 4205

Programs of any length between 3 weeks and 24 weeks are available.  Consult your sending office for cost details.

*Note: Published prices remain subject to change in case of major currency fluctuations. Contact your sending offic

Payment Schedule

A deposit of 20% of the total program fee is required with your application. It is non-refundable upon notification of acceptance and is applied to the total program fee. The balance of the program fee is required 30 days prior to departure.

Cancellation Policy

Other Volunteer Abroad Programs:

Fraud Alert
Be advised that there is an individual misrepresenting himself as a participant in a VIP program who is trying to sell/rent property to unsuspecting individuals.

This is not a legitimate offer and this person is not in any way associated with VIP.

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