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Volunteer opportunities in China

China is a huge country with the world's largest population. It is a land rich in culture, traditions, and technological advances dating back more than 40 centuries. An early producer of paper, gunpowder and silk, China has brought its modern economy forward by leaps and bounds. With increased foreign investment, a growing middle class and globalization at its door, both urban and rural populations have a strong desire to interact with foreign volunteers to learn to speak English. In settings throughout the country, volunteers will have opportunities to teach English and learn Chinese, and learn about China from the inside.

Volunteer Abroad Program Overview — China

Volunteers will teach 11 to 15 lessons (35 or 40 minutes per lesson) on weekdays and can extend their time at school by taking part in different activities. Weekends are free and time for shorter trips can normally be arranged. When you work in schools, you will share your teaching experience with local English teachers. We organize a monthly Discussion Forum in which all volunteers share their teaching method and experience with VIP staff.

Though most schools provide teaching materials, any additional materials that you can bring will be welcome.volunteers in the classroom We also encourage volunteers to bring photos of their country, hometown, house, family etc. Students are curious about that kind of information and it is helpful to stimulate conversation.




Volunteers are asked to arrive in Shanghai on Mondays or Wednesdays between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm.Volunteers will be met at Pu Dong International Airport, Shanghai and transferred to a flat or hotel in the city center for the 2 day orientation program.

Preferred Arrival Dates for 2015: Jan. 5th, Jan. 7th, March 2nd, March 4th, March 9th, March 11th, March 16th, March 18th, March 23rd, March 25th, March 30th, Apr. 1st, Apr. 8th, Apr. 13th, Apr. 15th, Apr. 20th, Apr. 22nd, Apr. 27th, May 4th, May 6th, May 11th, May 13th, May 18th,

 May 20th, May 25th, May 27th, June 1st, June 3rd, June 8th, June 13th, June 15th, June 17th, June 24th, June 29th, July 1st, July 6th, July 8th, July 13th, July 15th, July 20th, July 22, July 27th, July 29th, Aug. 3rd, Aug. 5th, Aug. 10th, Aug. 12th, Aug. 17th, Aug. 19th, Aug. 24th, Aug. 26th, Aug. 31st, Sept. 2nd, Sept. 7th, Sept. 9th, Sept. 14th, Sept. 16th, Sept. 21st, Sept. 23rd, Oct. 12th, Oct. 14th, Oct. 19th, Oct. 21st, Oct. 26th, Oct. 28th, Nov. 2nd, Nov. 4th, Nov. 9th, Nov. 11th, Nov. 16th, Nov. 18th, Nov. 23rd, Nov. 25th, Nov. 30th, Dec. 2nd, Dec. 7th, Dec. 9th, Dec. 14th, Dec. 16th, Dec. 21st, Dec. 23rd, Dec. 28th.

*Please plan on arriving between 8 am and 5 pm, local time, and please aviod public holidays. If arriving before scheduled arrival days please contact Xu Bo for assistence with hotel reservations. Any extra overnights, meals and other such costs will be at the participents expense.

*For arrivals in January, please note that there is a winter holiday from January 31st to March 1st, 2015. If your placement is during that period, please contact Xu Bo and we will suggest what programs are available for this period.

Where you'll be staying

If you work in schools in Sichuan Province, you will have your own room or share one room with other volunteers. Some of the school accommodations have air conditioning, washing machines, TV, computers and Internet, though these options vary. If you work on one of the islands or in rural areas of Shanghai, you will live in your own room or a shared room in the school accommodation or our flat in the town. The flat has air conditioning, a washing machine and shower. Some of the school's accommodations have TV and computers. If you work on one of the Islands, you can spend your weekend in Shanghai and stay in our volunteer flat in town.


During the 2 day orientation, you will take a few hours of basic Mandarin to help you communicate at your project. There will be time for sight seeing sightseeingas well as a short exposure to a culture course, such as making dumplings, Chinese calligraphy or painting. The mandarin classes and culture courses can be extended for an additional cost, depending on the length of your stay. On day 3, you will be transported to your project site.

Program Fees 2016*

4 weeks US$ 1,315
5 weeks US$ 1,459
9 weeks US$ 1,880
13 weeks US$ 2,300

*Please note that programs are to be paid in Euros, using the conversion rate of 1 Euro to 1.3 US dollars.

What the program includes:

Extras (at additional cost):

Extra culture courses -Cost for additional culture course: 15 Euros per hour

What the program doesn't include:


You should obtain a 30 to 90 day class L Toursit Visa in order to enter the country. On arrival in Shanghai, we will help you to either transfer your visa into a 3 month class F Business Visa, or help with extending the L visa. Extended visa fees are currently around 16 Euros and are not included in the program fee.

Payment schedule:

A deposit of 20% of the total program fee is required with your application. It is non-refundable upon notification of acceptance and is applied to the total program fee. The balance of the program fee is required 30 days prior to departure.

*Payment is to be made in Euros.

Cancellation policy:

*Note: Published prices remain subject to change in case of major currency fluctuations. Contact your sending office.

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